Section 146 Notice

section 146 notices

Serving A Section 146 Notice

In reality very few landlords ever need to serve a section 146 notice on their leaseholders. A section 146 notice is a document that must be served on a lessee before you can apply to a county court for possession of a leaseholders flat. Before you can go ahead and serve this notice you must first get a determination from the Leasehold Valuation Tribunal.

Leasehold Valuation Determination

Once you have received the determination that there is a valid outstanding debt or dispute then you can issue the notice. The leaseholder has 14 days to resolve the dispute or pay the debt before you can apply to the county court for a possession order. Most landlords that serve these notices do so as a way of enforcing payment as the last thing a leaseholder wants is a section 146 notice coming through their letterbox.

Enforcing Payment On Leaseholders

A tactic sometimes used by landlords is to send a copy of the notice to a leaseholders bank or building society. This is normally enough to ensure quick payment by the leaseholders lenders who will then add the amount plus some costs to the mortgage account of the leaseholder.